Loy Yang coal vs. Advanced Reactor Concepts

Loy Yang 2.2 GW coal burning plant, Australia

Fly ash 577.800 cu. metres
= 2.070 thousand tonsLung irritant
SO2 56.428thousand tons acid, carcinogenic
NOx 29.398thousand tons acid, carcinogenic
Carbon monoxide 2.577thousand tons hemoglobin poison
Carbon dioxide 18.233 million tons Global warming
Source: LYP Annual Report.

Consider instead the ARC-100 small breeder reactor:
Source Advanced Reactor Concepts, ARC-100 brochure (pdf)
22 of these 100 MW reactors will provide the same 2.2 GW total capacity, more flexibly
In 20 years, each converts 8% of its 20.7 ton fuel core,
to short-lived fission products,
longest half-life 30 years

Total waste, for 2.2 GW after 20 years
= 22 x 20.7 x 0.08
= 36.4 tons of fission products
fuel demand for next 20 years:
= 36.4 tons of un-enriched, or depleted uranium.
average annual consumption and waste = 1.82 tons

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