The Voice Of God

George W Bush said that he believed himself called upon by God to be President of the USA. This is a claim that would astonish the electorate in most modern democracies, if made by any of their elected officials.
But the so-called "Religious" Right are given to such nonsense. They do so in violation of the commandment that ye do not take the name of the Lord in vain!

In Britain, the doctrine that the King was appointed by God's will was held by the Stuart dynasty, from 1603 until 1688. Charles I held it in such obnoxious fashion that he was beheaded, and the Lord God did not visit any punishments upon the Puritans who took office. Thus He showed that the doctrine was false.
But the Rule of the Saints abolished Christmas, and the people decided, when Cromwell died a natural death, to give monarchy another chance. However, King James, the Second of England, revived the old notion and combined it with an attempted return to the Church of Rome. He was expelled, and his attempt to return through Ireland was defeated in 1690, principally at the Battle of the Boyne, on 11th July as we now reckon the calendar.

Centuries earlier, a brilliant young French woman called Jeanne, a teenager, from Orleans, had believed herself divinely appointed to drive out the English. Her tactical genius and inspiring leadership were such that she succeeded, and undoubtedly conferred great benefit upon the people of England.
But the record of the restored Bourbon dynasty is not such as to persuade me to believe that she conferred upon her own people a benefit worth the horrible death to which the officials of her own church condemned her.
The conclusion is, that if you hear the voice of God giving you instructions, you'd better check it carefully.

In Europe, any person making such a claim is regarded with the deepest suspicion, for good historical reasons.

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